Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Hitler DNA Tests

Earlier this year, the DNA of 39 of Hitler's living relatives showed a chromosome that is rare in Western Europe and is commonly found in people of certain African and Jewish descent.  There have long been rumors that Hitler's father, an illegitimate child, was fathered by a Jewish man whom Hitler's grandmother worked for.  For awhile, these reports were largely dismissed, since Jews had been expelled from Graz, the city in Austria where Hitler's grandmother lived. 

Traditionally, Jewishness is passed on through the mother.  But it would still be nice to see the look on Hitler's face when he was told he was descended from both Jews and Africans.

Friday, August 13, 2010

This Is Why I Hate Politics

If you haven't heard, Target has donated $150,000 to a group supporting a Republican politician with a tough stance on illegal immigrants, gay marriage, etc.  Since then, protesters have criticized the donation and demanded Target make a similar donation to some left-leaning organization.  Target says that it supports the conservative politician because they feel his plans will create more jobs.
First, if I had my way, corporations would stay out of politics entirely.  It just feels too much like buying a politician favor.  An article from the Associated Press claims the protesters hope to deter other corporations from making similar donations.  That's horseshit.  If Target had donated money to some organization supporting gay marriage, you wouldn't hear a peep from these people.  And who the hell are these people to demand that Target support a liberal organization as well?  The Supreme Court has allowed corporations to spend company funds directly on politics.  It didn't say that they have to support both sides of the political spectrum.  Under the law, Target has every right to support Nazis if they want to.  Obviously, supporting any politician could cause Target to alienate some of their customers, but that's their call.
Fred Sainz, VP of communications for national gay rights organization Human Rights Campaign, demands Target donate money to help pro-gay candidates, saying, "The repair has to be consistent with the harm done."  Bullshit.  By that logic, every single person who has donated money to basically any Republican candidate should also donate money to gay rights supporters.  Who the hell is this guy to determine what is and isn't morally harmful?  Personally, I think gays should be able to get married.  But this is America, and you can support whoever the hell you want to for whatever reason you deem appropriate.
This being America, these people also have every right to boycott Target.  It just makes them look like stupid hypocrites.